Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vans

Here you’ll find some of the questions we often get asked. If you need an answer to a question not listed here, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

The most important question of the lot is, why choose electric vans over regular combustion models? The answer depends on what you are looking for. Electric vans provide numerous benefits to businesses, both economically and environmentally.
Fuel is expensive and reducing carbon emissions from vehicles usually means spending ess money on it. However, that is not the only benefit of BEV drivetrains. They are much more affordable to run as there are fewer parts hat are required to be replaced consistently, meaning the whole cost of the vehicle will be less than their petrol/diesel counterparts. 
The impact BEVs have on the environment can’t be underestimated as well. As a society we have become more focused on introducing measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and with transport being the largest GHG source in the UK, things like ultra-low and clean air zones have been introduced. If you are located near or in those zones, a BEV will allow you to transport your payloads through these areas without compromise. Not only are BEVs a great way to reduce a business’s environmental footprint, but the government offers a significant amount of grants and incentives should you have BEVs in your fleet. 

As with an internal combustion engine, the range you can expect from an electric van depends on a variety of factors such as temperature, payloads and what features you have running. Driving conservatively will allow you to reap many rewards. It is always a good idea to check the manufacturers brochure prior to sale for detailed information regarding the range.

Fortunately, electric vans share the same charging ports as electric cars. This allows for easy access to the thousands of charging points available across the UK. 

Your van will include the charging cable as standard so all that’s needed from you is to plug it in, go through the steps on the charger where you introduce your RFID card/app/bank card, plug in your van and simply wait. As of October 1st 2022, there are over 34,637 charging points in the UK, this includes the fast charging points that can provide 80% of charge in 30 minutes. There are government-issued grants for electric charging points, both for businesses and personal uses, please see here for more information.


Getting the obvious answer out of the way, the electric drivetrain is the key difference between an EV and an ICE model van, but the way the van drives is quite different. The most notable thing about EVs is the silence. EVs also benefit from instant torque, as soon as your foot pushes the accelerator pedal you feel acceleration straight away. Despite batteries taking up space in electric vehicles the shape or size of the vans don’t differ. Looking at the Berlingo and E-Berlingo for reference, they are the exact same size and shape as each other meaning you have the same sized load space. Make sure you check the brochure of the van you’re interested in prior to purchase for information regarding the maximum indicative payload.

While at this moment we have a focus on electric vans, the future looks bright for those interested in other forms of alternative fuel vans. The next step in environmentally friendly vans is hydrogen. While the infrastructure is not as accessible as electric charging points, we are seeing continued developments in the amount of hydrogen filling stations and with more vehicles being produced it is only a matter of time. However the alternatives don’t end there, keep a lookout for: biodiesel, compressed natural gas, biomethane, liquified petroleum gas and BioLPG.

The minimum is usually 1 year and the maximum is usually 5 years. Lenders will offer finance based upon a customer specific risk assessment. This means that lenders will be prepared to offer some customers a longer time to repay the loan but this will also take into consideration a customer’s credit profile and the amount of deposit. We cannot predict what a lender will agree to until we specifically propose each customer but we always suggest that we make the proposal based upon a customer’s budget and try not to predict the lender’s answer. Not all lenders take the same view so we can ask more than one lender to consider the customer’s preferred deal. Let’s see what they say…they may say ‘yes’!
In short – any make, any model car or commercial! The best bargains change from week to week depending upon the supply of vehicles and volumes bought. Keep an eye on the website for the price movements or give us a quick call. If you know the exact vehicle that you want we can secure it for you at trade prices using our fleet codes.

At Pure Green Vans we sell brand new and pre-registered vehicles that originate from UK franchised dealers. The vehicles are exactly the same as those sold (at much higher prices) by the dealers and have the balance of the manufacturer’s UK warranty remaining. Consequently you can buy vehicles from Pure Green Vans with the confidence that the vehicles can be serviced, maintained and repaired by your local franchised dealer.

If you are interested in pursuing an electric van with us, you will be happy to find out there is always a warranty provided with every vehicle we sell. We will provide you information regarding this warranty either prior to or during the point of sale so feel free to contact us regarding this, a member of the team will provide you with this information.

Let’s talk about “the elephant in the room”.

You like our prices, you like our professional and courteous service, you like the sound of our people… but of course you’re nervous about sending us money.

We could tell you how professional, trustworthy and honourable we are but you need harder evidence than that.

The majority of our vehicles are sourced using large fleet discounts but are still being delivered by franchised dealers and delivery agents. Depending on the vehicle supplier, it may be possible to put our nervous customers in touch with the delivering dealer so that you can have peace of mind. 

Also worth adding, we have been vetted by several external partners and governing bodies. We are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority and, also, approved by Trading Standards. 

Our FCA reference number is 667850. 

You can see the FCA register for yourself here.

Our finance partners are selective about whom they do business with. They check to confirm that we operate to standards of conduct and do not expose them financially or reputationally. We have a good number of relationships which are displayed on our “Finance” home page. 

Funds that you send to us – either by cheque, credit card, BACS or telegraphic transfer – are accounted for separately.

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