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Electric Vans - Pure Green Vans

At Pure Green Vans our business model is simple. Easily accessible, environmentally friendly vans that are reliable, conscious and ergonomic, whilst remaining ever economically friendly. We want our customers to have access to new/pre-reg vans, delivered to their doors through the use of our online service. It couldn’t be easier to begin your journey with Pure Green Vans. Simply browse through our extensive range of vans, all makes and models, once you have found your ideal van, give our friendly team a call on 01633 212944, and one of our van specialists will walk you through the options available to you.
You would be hard pressed to ignore the unrivalled interest and demand in electric vehicles (EVs) in the United Kingdom. Following on from the government introducing tax saving benefits for fully electric vehicles, this is the ideal time to consider going green with Pure Green Vans. Being an independent company, our prices are not controlled by any manufacturers, enabling us to ensure our customers are presented with the best prices in the renewable van market. Combining our experienced staff, excellent service and our free (mainland UK) delivery, Pure Green Vans is the home of your new renewable van.

Benefits Of Electric Vans 

The electric vehicle market is the fastest growing segment in the industry. As predicted the number of diesel vans is getting vastly outnumbered by electric vans as penalisation for using traditionally fuelled vehicles comes into force. Having electric vans as part of your fleet will provide numerous benefits to your company. Both environmentally and from a business perspective. You can effectively reduce your carbon footprint by minimising  your emissions whilst also qualifying for various tax benefits. In alignment with the government’s environmental objective of reaching Net Zero by 2050, businesses will be pushed to further reduce their impact on the environment, so simple changes, such as swapping your fleet to be comprised fully of electric vans will be a no brainer.
Implementing electric vans in your company means you will also reap the rewards of their cost effective nature. In comparison to their ICE counterparts, EVs are cheaper to run and maintain, largely due to them having fewer moving parts. It is proven that electric vehicle buyers spend less on fuel and maintenance. In a case that your business is running multiple vehicles, these costs ca present to be astronomical in traditional diesel or petrol models, again making electric the better option.

Why Pure Green Vans? The Best Van Dealership. 

Unlike other dealerships, we are able to provide exclusive discounts of up to 42% off list prices. As customer satisfaction is at the core of all we do, Pure Green Vans only have stock from the top electric van manufacturers on the market. Want to find out more about our brands and models? Click here Being an independent business, our prices are not controlled by manufacturers. This means we are able to always ensure the best prices in the renewable van market. Combining our experienced staff, excellent service and our free delivery, Pure Green Vans is the home of your new renewable van.

Why buy from us?

We are one of only a few truly independent van supermarkets and we offer not only the best prices around at the highest quality, but also unparalleled customer service.